Think that your personal packaging brand does not matter. Well in a recent survey over 76% of shoppers made their decisions in-store based more times than not on (yes you got it!), packaging. Though we are taught to never judge a book by it’s cover, we at Jablonski Marketing understand that your brand has less than one second to make an immediate impression on your customer. Bottom line is that your packaging is your product. The focus to detail and the message it conveys are the best ways to showcase what your specific company and product has to offer.

Our mission is simple. To have your product stand out, as much as we do. This is not trying to re-create your brand in another company’s image. This is only about creating your vision and then enhancing it. Your packaging will be built with not only your personal insights, but also with a team that has had decades of experience in the creation of branding and content, purpose built towards our customers.

Your packaging may reach millions of eyes. We will make sure that they will never forget it.


At Jablonski Marketing we deal with
hundreds of industries each and
every day. We will never be the
knowledge leader in every area,
however we will find the people that
are. Our network is incredibly vast
and we will ensure that the appropriate
target demographic has been consulted
for a genuine gauge on all packaging
options. We have the ability to reach tens of thousands of people per day and will not finalize a project until we feel that we have consulted with the top %1 of your industry.


Should you have a concept but not
sure the direction, we will bring you
the most up to date samples of the
highest grossing similar
industries/products and explain why
each campaign was so successful.
We will also proudly display the work
of our competitors; simply because
our work stands alone and we want
nothing more than to explain the