Social Media

Imagine you’re throwing a party for your business. You invite your friends, family, and customers. But that’s not enough. So you decide to print flyers and pass them out. Now that you’re getting the word out it’s probably a good idea to start planning the festivities. You start booking the best DJs, finding delicious catering, and stocking up on great drinks. The party is all set to go and your guests are confirmed. So what now? What will make this party one to remember? You realize that in order for this night to be unforgettable you need to ensure that everyone is comfortable and has fun. To do this you spend the entire night engaging with your guests and introducing them to one another. The event suddenly feels inviting and accepting of everyone. It’s a hit. All of the guests are talking about the night they had at your party.

Do you see where this is going? Great social media is this party. The DJs, the catering, and the drinks are your content. They give people something to talk about. The flyers you handed out are your paid advertising. That’s how you fill the room. Then engaging with people at the party is how you win them over. They feel appreciated and grow to like you. So that in the future they are sure to show. Now you have to plan parties on a regular basis to grow your audience. That’s where consistency comes into play. The more often you party the bigger you will grow.


400 million active users and it’s owned
by Facebook. Instagram is the photo
and video sharing platform with the
most growth potential. We’ve grown
our company page quite quickly and
we can do the same for you.


With 70% female users, Pinterest is
a traffic driving source for your
website. On our page we see the
most click throughs to our website
out of any social media network.
We highly recommend it for eCommerce
and blog style websites.


Linkedin is the driving force behind
B2B social selling. We’ve ran
multiple ad campaigns on there
with some interesting results. Since
then we’ve created various ways
to grow and meet people on this
415 million user network.


Facebook is the biggest of them all
with a user base of 1.86 billion
people. With a targeted strategy,
good content, and an advertising
budget you can grow quickly.


Youtube is the #2 most used
search engine in the world.
We not only have the capacity
to shoot video, but we also manage
advertising and build followers.